Financing the Agency

The Agency is an indirect budget user in accordance with the regulations from the field of public finance and public agency. As such, the revenues of the Agency are:

  • The budgetary funds of the RS, acquired on the basis of a contract concluded with the Minister of Finance;
  • Tariff revenues;
  • Other revenues.

The agency’s revenues are intended for carrying out the activities and tasks of the Agency stipulated by the Auditing Act, for providing the conditions for the operation of the Agency, and for financing the expenditures related to the Agency’s current business, such as labour costs, costs of materials and services, costs of investment maintenance and equipment purchase, and other costs.
In accordance with the legal provisions, the Agency may issue a tariff for its services that are performed for individuals or legal entities, thereby setting the amount of payment for its services. In order to issue or change the tariff, the Agency must obtain the consent of the Government.