Presentation of the Agency

The Agency for Public Oversight of Auditing was established through the Auditing Act (Official Gazette of the RS, no. 65/08) and it started operating on 1st March 2009. The Agency is a legal entity and is independent in the implementation of its tasks. The Agency’s bodies are the Council of Experts and the Director, which are appointed and dismissed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on the proposal of the Minister of Finance. In the realisation of public supervision over auditing, the Agency has the competence and responsibility over:

  • the adoption of auditing rules (auditing standards, ethical professional standards, audit management standards) and determination the hierarchy of the auditing rules that are not regulations;
  • the training to obtain the title certified auditor;
  • the issue of licences to perform the auditing activities and tasks of a certified auditor, and the registration of third-country statutory auditors and audit companies;
  • the permanent training of certified auditors;
  • the provision of quality of the auditing work done by certified auditors and audit companies.

The Agency makes decisions regarding procedures of supervision over the quality of work done by audit companies and certified auditors and imposes control measures. In cooperation with the Institute of Auditors and on the basis of good practice, it may form recommendations for the provision of quality in conducting audits of certain types of companies. The Agency also carries out public supervision over the work of certified appraisers, when they are performing valuation tasks with subjects that are bound by statutory audit.

The Agency is an indirect budget user in accordance with the legal provisions from the sphere of public finances and pubic agencies. As such, the revenues of the Agency shall be the budgetary funds of the Republic of Slovenia, obtained on the basis of a contract concluded with the Minister of Finance, tariff and other revenues. The revenue of the Agency is intended for the implementation of the activities and tasks of the Agency stipulated by the Auditing Act, the provision of conditions for the operation of the Agency, and the financing of the expenditures related to the Agency’s current business. The rate of fees and allowances is set by the tariff which is issued by the Agency in agreement with the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia also gives its consent to the annual accounts and financial plan of the Agency.