The Agency's Council of Experts

The Council of Experts is composed of 9 members; the Director of the Agency is by function also the President of the Council. Members of the Agency’s Council are appointed and dismissed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on the proposal of the Minister of Finance. Members of the Agency’s Council are appointed for the period of six years with the possibility of reappointment.

The competences of the Agency’s Council of Experts are the following:

  • It decides on approvals, surveillance measures and other individual matters, which are to be decided by the Agency in accordance with the law;
  • It adopts regulations when the law stipulates that such an act be adopted by the Agency;
  • It adopts the Agency’s rules of procedure;
  • It adopts the strategic and annual plan of the Agency;
  • It adopts the annual report of the Agency;
  • It gives opinions of principle to individual matters, which are to be decided by the Director;
  • It deals with general questions of audit quality;
  • It examines the initiatives of other supervisory bodies and interested parties for the improvement and development of financial reporting and auditing quality;
  • It deals with other professional matters pertaining to the scope of the Agency’s competences.

The members of the Council of Experts are:

  • Mojca Majič, M.Sc., President
  • Anka Čadež, Securities Market Agency
  • Barbara Mörec, Ph.D., Faculty of Economics
  • Darja Trček, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
  • Irena Kos, Insurance Supervision Agency
  • Luka Kocina, Bank of Slovenia
  • Mihael Kranjc, The Slovenian Institute of Auditors
  • Katja Lautar, Ph.D., Ministry of Finance
  • Iztok Kolar, Ph.D., Faculty of Economics and Business